First Tabernacle Beth El, Philadelphia

First Tabernacle Beth El, Philadelphia

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Rabbi Asher Volkens
602-14 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
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About the Pastor

On December 26, Bro. Asher E. Volkens was born to Bro David and Sister Elder Mildred Volkens. He is blessed to have two lovely daughters: Rachel and Leah.

Although he was born in Memphis, Tennessee, he experienced living in many cities from San Mateo, CA to Jacksonville, FL. In 1988, his family moved and settled in Philadelphia, PA. In 1995, Bro. Volkens completed a major milestone by graduating from Roxborough High School. On December 5 of that same year, Bro. Volkens embarked on a new journey and entered the United States Air Force. He had a vision for his own life, but God’s ways are perfect. The Lord guided Bro. Volkens steps, fashioning him to become a disciple and defender of the faith. Because of his love for providing human services and his desire to “aid mankind”, Bro.Volkens spent time counseling incarcerated men. In 2017,  Bro. Volkens pursued and graduated with a BA in psychology and a minor in religion from Chestnut Hill College. Currently, Rabbi Volkens is continuing his educational studies at Chestnut Hill College in the Graduate Program.

On August 3, 2003, Rabbi Jehu A. Crowdy, Jr., GFA ordained Bro.Asher Volkens into the ministry. Shortly thereafter, he was appointed the assistant local pastor of First Tabernacle, Philadelphia, PA. From 2001-2014, he served under five (5) local pastors, as the chairman of the trustee board. At the 2014 Annual Assembly, he was blessed to be elevated as the local pastor of Philadelphia; which is spiritually and affectionately known as “Zion”. At the 2018 Passover, Elder Volkens was consecrated as a Rabbi”, under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Phillip McNeil.

Two noteworthy milestones achieved during the first year of Rabbi Volkens leadership were the following: 1. The implementation of the “Build This Wall” Initiative. It is a five (5) year plan to raise funds to revitalize the tabernacle. His major focus throughout this effort is keeping the saints in remembrance that the success of the tabernacle is dictated by the membership coming together. “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.” 2. The creation of Zion CARES. It is an up and coming nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting the community, by standing on the principles of social justice, establishing communal partnerships, and empowering individuals to create a better future. The organization’s current project is “Operation Stay-A-Float”, in which food and clothing are provided to those struggling to meet basic needs.

In his spare time, Rabbi Volkens is an avid sports fan. He loves to watch boxing and the Philadelphia Eagles. He also loves to read the Life and Works of Prophet William S. Crowdy. His favorite book of the bible is Joshua. It serves as a constant reminder that if God has chosen you to do a work, he will be with you to see you through.

Although Rabbi Volkens is in the infancy stage of being a “Servant Leader”, God’s blessings are continuing to manifest throughout his journey. “…and it does not yet appear what we shall be. But we know, we shall be like Him. We shall see Him as He is.”